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How It Works: LaserShield® Wireless Home Alarm Security Systems

LaserShield is the world's first "plug-and go" professional grade instant home alarm security system.  In just minutes, you can protect your home or office with a professional alarm security system including 24/7 monitoring, all without tools or any complex installation.


What makes LaserShield different is our wireless technology (eliminating the need for complex installation or any tools) and the "instant learn" feature which lets the system determine how many motion sensor and keychain remotes you want to use. 

Laser Shield Home AlarmYou turn the system on and off via the wireless keychain remote.  It's just like locking or unlocking your car.  The Master Alarm Unit lets you know when the system is on or off.

The alarm is triggered when an intruder breaks the infrared beam from the Wireless Detection Unit motion sensor.  Each unit can cover up to 1,100 square feet.  A unique Pet Shield allows you to modify the range of the infrared sensor to allow pets to pass underneath the beam without triggering the alarm.

Once activated, the Master Alarm Unit emits an ear piercing 105 decibel alarm for five minutes.   If you have activated monitoring (optional, but recommended starting at $24.95 a month) the Master Alarm unit immediately calls our Rapid Response Monitoring center.  A call will be placed to a phone you have specified (cell phone, home phone, neighbor, apartment manager, or other) to verify if it's a false alarm.  If no answer, Rapid Response immediately notifies authorities to dispatch police to the scene.

If power is lost, each component has a 12 hour battery back up to ensure the system is available until power is restored.

Click here to watch our installation demonstration video.

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Click here to read our "Quick Start" installation guide.


  • When you receive your LaserShield Wireless Home Alarm Starter Kit or Bundle Pak, begin by unpacking the system and plugging in the Master Alarm Unit, and the Wireless Detection Unit Motion Sensor.  Connect the Sparrow or Cyclone units to the Master Alarm Unit if you have ordered those bundle paks.  No tools or wires are required to install your system. 
  • Turn all the units on and allow the "Instant Learn" feature to determine your configuration.
  • Place the wireless detection units in areas where intruders will break the beam and set off the alarm.  If you have pets, install the pet shields and test to make sure they can walk under the beam with out triggering the alarm.
  • Connect the Master Alarm Unit to your phone line and call Rapid Response to activate your home alarm monitoring.  Within minutes you will be active and secure with reliable, professional 24/7 home alarm monitoring.


Home Alarm MonitoringIt's easy to set up 24/7 monitoring of you LaserShield home alarm system.  One quick phone call and you will have reliable, professional monitoring for as little as 67 cents a day.

In addition, you get the following benefits when you add monitoring to your LaserShield home alarm system:

  • We upgrade your hardware warranty to full replacement or repair -- FREE
  • We send you replacement back up batteries for your Master Alarm Unit -- FREE
  • We send you additional window decals  -- FREE
  • Plus save up to 20% on your Homeowners or Small Business Insurance.  Check with your agent for exact discounts.

Monitoring service is offered at $24.95 for LaserShield systems using a traditional land line, under a dollar a day.  If you use a broadband digital voice VoIP phone line, or wish to use our GSM Cellular monitoring service, monthly monitoring is then just $34.99 a month, or 99 cents a day.   You can cancel at any time as there is no long term commitment, and no credit check. 

Once the alarm is triggered, the Master Alarm Unit will contact the Rapid Response Monitoring Service to report the following conditions: Alarm, Panic, Low Battery, and Cancel. Under normal conditions, LaserShield reports the fastest response time in the alarm industry, initiating a return phone call approximately 30 seconds after receiving an alarm signal.  If no answer, authorities are notified immediately. 

Home Alarm Monitoring is provided by Rapid Response Monitoring  -  America's leading alarm monitoring company serving over a quarter of a million customers nationwide since 1991. Laser Shield Rapid Response Home Alarm Monitoring Center

Rapid Response is one of only a handful of monitoring facilities licensed to monitor commercial high rise fire systems in New York City. The customers and locations they protect include over 260,000 homes and businesses including military, government, high risk commercial, celebrity estates, and major retailers. The Rapid Response monitoring facility is recognized as housing the most advanced alarm monitoring technology available in the business today, as well as the most thorough industry training program for its highly motivated professionals. Rapid Response is a U.L. Certified Alarm Signaling Station and holds memberships and certifications by NYFD, FM, NFPA, IQ, SIA, and the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

Perpetual Warranty:

Your LaserShield Wireless Home Alarm System is warranted for one year.  However, when you activate monitoring we upgrade your warranty to a lifetime perpetual warranty.  You will never pay for a replacement system or service call  -- ever!   If any component of your LaserShield wireless home alarm Security System has any defects or problems, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge for as long as you own the product.  The perpetual warranty is in effect as long as you have had at least 12 consecutive months of paid Monitoring Service at the time you request a repair or replacement.  You also have unlimited access to customer service for support or questions all at no charge.

FREE Replacement MAU Battery

If the backup battery ever fails in your Master Alarm Unit, LaserShield will send a replacement battery to you at no charge as long as your have monitoring on the system. If you do not request a replacement battery for your MAU we will send one to you automatically after four years - to make sure that you have uninterrupted protection even when there is a loss of power.

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