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Vacant Home Protection - Stop Copper Pipe Theft and Vandalism
Vacant and foreclosed homes are prime targets for vandals and thieves. Theft of copper pipe and wire, appliances, HVAC units, granite counter-tops cost owners thousands of dollars in repair costs. LaserShield home alarms can help.

The recent rise in foreclosures has created a wave of vandalism and theft among vacant homes. Copper, wire, HVAC units, appliances, hardwood floors, granite counter-tops and more are all targets of these thieves who cause thousands of dollars in damage to recover a few hundred dollars worth of scrap metal.

We have recently seen an increase in orders from contractors, builders, property managers and owner/investors for our LaserShield wireless home alarm systems with 24/7 cellular monitoring to protect their vacant homes. The systems set up in just a few minutes, and are portable so they can be moved to other properties as needed. There are no long term contracts for monitoring, so the owner can go month-to-month and have the alarm monitoring only when needed. When the alarm is triggered, the cellular unit calls the dispatch center who will call the owner to verify if there is a problem (or just a false alarm) and then will dispatch police.

Average cost of a system is $429.98 - well under the cost of the damage that can be inflicted by a copper thief. To learn more, check out the LaserShield Cellular Monitoring Bundle Pak, or send me your comments.
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