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LaserShield® Home Alarms
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Laser Shield System LaserShield® Wireless Home Alarms come with everything you need to protect your home, apartment or office in just minutes.  No tools or installation required. Optional 24/7 monitoring available with no long term monitoring contract. 
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You'll Love Your LaserShield® Alarm!

 "Very impressed with the ease of operation and set up" Michael from Kentucky
"I was happy to find that my cat will not produce false alarms"
Rachel from Pennsylvania
"I have a 4800 square foot home and I love the fact that you can add on monitors. I love lasershield!"
Chris from Illinois
"I wanted a system that would be portable so I could use it again in the future at my next project...I found the answer in LaserShield"
Darcy from California    Click for More LaserShield Reviews

Apartment Alarm - Laser Shield Bundle Pak Laser Shield Starter Kit Home Alarm Security System (BSK-0013101)
List Price $259.98
Your Price After 20% DISCOUNT $207.98
You save $52.00!

List Price $199.99
Your Price After 20% DISCOUNT $159.99
You save $40.00!

Laser Shield Apartment or Dorm Room Wireless Alarm Security Bundle Pak Laser Shield Wireless Home Alarm Security System Starter Kit - the building block of your Laser Shield home alarm security system.
The LaserShield Apartment Alarm bundle includes everything you need to protect your apartment or dorm room: the Laser Shield Starter Kit, a second Wireless Detection Unit motion sensor (total of two, expandable to 12), and two Keychain Remotes (expandable to 4).  This LaserShield Home Alarm System grows with you.  Add optional 24/7 home alarm monitoring for just $24.95 a month with no long term contract.  Protect your apartment against burglary and intruder confrontation. The LaserShield® Home Alarm Starter Kit is ideal to protect your home, apartment, or business.  A perfect security solution for dorms, retail stores, offices. The system comes with the Master Alarm, one Wireless Detection Unit (expandable to 12) and two Keychain remotes (expandable to 4).  This Home Alarm System grows with you and provides peace of mind and protection in just minutes.  Add optional 24/7 monitoring for just $24.95 a month with no long term contract.
Large Home or Office Alarm System - Laser Shield Bundle Pak Investment Property Home Alarm Protection System - LaserShield Bundle Pak
List Price $429.94
Your Price After 20% DISCOUNT $343.95
You save $85.99!

List Price $489.97
Your Price After 20% DISCOUNT $391.97
You save $98.00!
Laser Shield Wireless Home Alarm Security System for Large Homes or Businesses
The LaserShield® Large Home or Office Alarm bundle is designed for large homes or businesses with multiple entrances to protect. It includes the LaserShield Starter Kit, 3 additional Wireless Detection Unit motion sensors (total of 4), and two additional Keychain Remotes (total of 4) to protect four entrance areas.  Add up to 8 more Wireless Detection Units to protect up to twelve entrances.  Protect your business, home and family from theft or vandalism in just minutes. Protect your investment property when it's vacant.  No phone line required - it comes with a GSM Cellular adapter to contact our 24/7 alarm monitoring center.  This LaserShield Investment Property home alarm system bundle has everything you need for 24/7 monitoring of your vacant property when no phone line is available. It combines the LaserShield Starter Kit and Cyclone adapter to connect to the GSM Cellular network. The cell phone is built right in!  Perfect for job sites, empty homes, other targets for vandalism and theft.  Comes with 2 motion sensors, expandable to up to 12 wireless motion sensors.  Monthly monitoring is just $34.95 a month with no long term contract - go month to month and you can relocate the system to other investment properties as needed.

It's Easy to Order a LaserShield® Wireless Home Alarm System:

Laser Shield Starter Kit Home Alarm Security System
Start with a LaserShield Starter Kit.
Laser Shield Wireless Detection Unit Home Alarm Add-on
Add More Wireless Detection Unit Motion Sensors
  • The Starter Kit comes with one Wireless Detection Unit Motion Sensor. Order more for each entryway or room you wish to protect. Each Wireless Detection Unit covers up to 1,100 square feet, you can add up to 11 units to your Starter Kit (for a total of 12).
Laser Shield Keychain Remote for Home Alarm System
Add More Wireless Keychain Remotes
Add 24/7 monitoring. Select your phone type:
Add 24/7 Home Alarm Monitoring. Select your phone type
  • Regular phone line? Works right out of the box. Home Alarm monitoring costs $24.95 a month, less than a dollar a day.
  • No Phone Available? Add a Laser Shield Cyclone adapter for GSM Cellular home alarm monitoring. Just $34.95 a month.
  • When you choose home alarm monitoring, you get your first two months of home alarm monitoring for free, window decals, plus upgrade your warranty to full replacement for life, and waive the $25 activation fee.

You're done! It's easy with LaserShield DIRECT! Order Now!

  • All home alarm security systems are in stock and ship immediately.
  • Our 30 day "No Questions Asked" return policy makes your home alarm system purchase completely risk free. Order yours today!

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